Necessary Heartbreak

Can pain & loss truly set us free?


Everybody's Daughter

Would you give up your own lifetime

of happiness for someone else?

The Trilogy Concludes.
Is there one more miracle left?

An Angel Comes Home

The prequel novelette. Get to know George Farmer.

"The Second World" - New Novel Coming Soon!

The Author

Michael John Sullivan graduated from college with a promising future in the field of journalism. Six months later, he found himself riding the New York City subway system at night. Sullivan spent almost a month on the E train at night until he was rescued by relatives.

After spending much of the past two decades raising their daughters while working at home, Sullivan returned to his notes in 2007 and began writing Necessary Heartbreak: A Novel of Faith and Forgiveness.

Necessary Heartbreak was published by Simon & Schuster’s Gallery Books imprint in April 2010. It was named by the Library Journal as one of the best books in 2010.

Everybody’s Daughter was published by The Story Plant in 2012 and was named one of the best stories by The Examiner. The last book in the series, The Greatest Gift, was published by The Story Plant in 2014.

He is presently finishing up his fourth novel, The Second World.

The Books

The Blogs

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