Monthly Archives: October 2014
What The Beach Means To Me

The beach can be a place of comfort and can also provide some of life’s wonderful lessons. Michael John Sullivan talks about what the beach means to him in this memorable reflection …

Lyndon’s Poetry Touches Heart

Kyrian Lyndon’s poetry will touch your heart in every way. Her writing is rich with description and meaning. The debut author answers my questions about writing, life, and love.

Children’s Advocate Slams Grisham

National Children’s Advocate Rose Morrisroe expresses her outrage over best selling author John Grisham’s horrific remarks and subsequent apology over his views on child pornography …

Hemingway And Internet Reviewers

Ernest Hemingway Talks About Internet Reviewers And More as I summon my powers to reach him on the other side. Hemingway is one of the writers I grew to appreciate as I got older. There’s no doubt Hemingway was an interesting character in his own right as he forged an incredible writing career. I often wonder what he would think of today’s authors and writers, the publishing world, and the internet and social media.

Unknown Authors Need Help

Unknown Authors Need Help

The toughest part of any writing journey is being brutally honest with one’s own work and possibilities. There is a short list of elite authors with whom most of us battle for any piece of success. The big question for millions of writers is how to achieve the smallest bit of impact without driving our families into bankruptcy and jumping off a mental bridge.

Everybody’s Daughter Excerpt

Everybody’s Daughter Excerpt

What would you say to a loved one who died if given a second chance? Michael Stewart is given this unique opportunity in the novel, Everybody’s Daughter.

Facing The Truth About Depression

I want to be completely honest with you. I’ve failed. I’ve failed often.

I’ve been miserable, more than you would ever believe.

I’ve had frequent bouts of depression. Sometimes they are severe.

Getting Ready For The Baby

Hey, I’m back. That didn’t take long, did it? I wanted to chat one more time before my baby brother comes into the world and the Stewart home is turned upside down. Dad has organized and painted the new room in getting ready for the baby.

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