Monthly Archives: November 2014
My Miracle

My Miracle can be summed up from one incredible night in November on a Long Island parkway …

Amazon’s Allure

Amazon’s Allure is part of what attracts authors and writers to making their dreams come true …

St. John’s Helps The Homeless

St. John’s lends a compassionate hand in helping the homeless

Is Jesus Celebrated At Christmas?

Is Jesus Celebrated at Christmas? Truly celebrated?

Do You Like To Read And Cook?

Do You Like To Read And Cook?

Then this blog is for you!

I’d like to welcome multi-talented author, Selena Robins, to my blog. She has a wonderful package of stories and recipes in her new work called Wishes Stitches & Dishes: Bundle of Family Fun …

Secretariat Mended Our Hearts

Make no mistake about this. In our home, filled with anger and rage, Secretariat mended our hearts for that one incredible day.

I Can Still Hear His Booming Voice

Brother Leo Richard commanded your attention. I can still hear his booming voice. It was usually filled with compassion. What lessons he taught me during our many walks. The one that fills my heart every day is reaching out to those in need …

Ten Seconds Can Last A Lifetime

It was only ten seconds. But it was ten seconds that will last me a lifetime.

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