• Christmas Book Giveaway

Welcome to our Christmas Book Giveaway. The following books are available. We will be adding more books as the contest moves forward. We also have books from all genres. We also appreciate everyone’s generosity.

To be eligible to win one of these wonderful books, please leave a comment. You can certainly leave a thought about a book you might even would like to read too. We will announce the winners on December 27th, 2014.

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Kathy Boyd Fellure 


Kathy Boyd Fellure has written several children’s books. She has the following available for the giveaway.




You can see more of Kathy’s work here.



Paul Hoffman


Paul Hoffman’s murder mystery is his giveaway.




Paul Hoffman can also be reached at his website for more information.



Laurie Kozlowski


Laurie Kozlowski is offering up her latest novel.




You can reach Laurie Kozlowski at her website for more information.


Kyrian Lyndon


Kyrian Lyndon has her first book out, a collection of poems and an excerpt from her soon to be published debut novel.




You can read more about Kyrian Lyndon’s work at her website.


Jenn Nixon


Jenn Nixon has one of her terrific stories up for grabs in this extensive giveaway.




Jenn Nixon can also be reached at her website.




Susan Jean Ricci


Susan Jean Ricci is offering up one of her favorite stories.




To visit Susan Jean Ricci’s Amazon page, click here.


B.J. Robinson


Award winning author B.J. Robinson offers up one of her best stories.




B.J. Robinson can also be reached here at her website.


Maddie Ryan

Maddie Ryan sharess her wonderful tale of an angel named Pippy.




To read more about Pippy’s Wish, click here.


Jo Sarti

Jo Sarti has her latest clever children’s book up for a chance to win.






Michael John Sullivan


Michael John Sullivan is giving away the three books in his trilogy as well as two SockKids books.

necessarycover       Everybody'sdaughtercover4    TheGreatestGift5




SockKidmeetsLincolncover (2)     BenFranklin Cover 1 (2)



You can reach Michael John Sullivan here.


Please leave a comment to be eligible for one of these fine books.


Thanks again for visiting my website!




43 thoughts on “Christmas Book Giveaway

  1. laurel.mcdermott@gmail.com'Laurel McDermott

    id love to read Michael Sullivan’s third book as I have enjoyed each of the first two and am wondering how he is going to wrap all this up (pun intended).

  2. Pingback: Get a free book from a talented author! | Paul J. Hoffman (Author)

  3. madjenny63@yahoo.com'Kimberly Hoffman

    I would love to win a book! Not to be picky, but would prefer not Michael’s or Paul’s. Why? Because I already own them, have read them and they are fabulous! I would rather someone else win those and be able to enjoy the great stories Paul and Michael have written. So sign me up for the other wonderful books listed!

  4. Wking005@woh.rr.com'Bill King

    The SockKids books are perfect for elementary age children! The stories and fun to read, the illustrations are eye-catching, and kids learn about important figures in American history!

  5. SoniaRiley10@yahoo.com'sonia riley

    I have read Michael J. Sullivans firt book Neccasary Heartbreak I would love a chance to receive the ohter two in the trilogy. His first book was awesome. I actually felt as if I were there seeing everything unfold.

  6. fluffy26218@yahoo.com'Barbara Mooney Wilson

    you are an amazing writer and even though I have 3 of your books ,I wouldn’t mind having the others ….

  7. Yodie1269@gmail.com'Yolanda Richard

    I love the books by Michael John Sullivan. I have his first to books and have read them several times. I haven’t had a chance to buy his 3rd book. I also have read his kindle book. I would love to win his book The Greatest Gift.

  8. likes_art@yahoo.com'Susan Horn

    Mike- you are awesome. I enjoy reading and re-reading your books. Your books have given me not only hope and comfort but great joy and entertainment. Your stories are thought provoking and your writing draws the readers in. Your written descriptions of places in Northport always the reader to be present. You are talented and kind hearted. I wish you much success.

  9. k.lablanc@gmail.com'Kirsten LaBlanc

    I’d be thrilled to read any of these books. I think I’d be most excited with a Sockkids book to share with my daughter.


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