• Time Travel Journey Has Ended

The time travel journey has ended. It wasn’t long ago Michael and Elizabeth Stewart traveled into my mind and heart after awakening from one incredible dream I had on a hot summer night. I was in the streets of first-century Jerusalem running through a crowd of people, chasing after a man riding on a donkey. People lining the streets were placing down palms as the man rode up the street. As I drew near the man, I could tell it was Jesus. I ran faster, shouting at him, “Is my mom safe?”

She had passed away several years before that at the age of 47 from breast cancer. I needed to know she was safe from the pain she suffered here on Earth. I awoke before I could get my answer. The question lingered in my mind so I decided to seek ways to heal from this painful memory. I wrote.

Out of the ashes of this terrible ordeal, my characters and story were born. Necessary Heartbreak focused on my childhood and early adult experiences, including the despair of being homeless for a couple of months. I utilized the time travel element to rediscover my own faith.

Necessary Heartbreak is a gritty, direct story. Michael and Elizabeth Stewart witness the last week and final breaths of Christ’s life. I wanted to show the brutal and painful side of the execution. I needed also to show the human part of his courage.

Everybody’s Daughter draws less on my personal experiences and more on spirituality. It focuses on a father’s unconditional love for his child. His life is his child’s life. It’s a treasure to behold. It’s also where I introduce some more important characters to give the plot a deeper feel and meaning.

The Greatest Gift starts where Everybody’s Daughter ends. It was the most difficult book to write. I wanted the final story to be steep in spirituality and meaning. The characters had to discover their final destinations, whether it was happy or sad.

How did Jesus saving Elizabeth in Everybody’s Daughter affect each of the characters in The Greatest Gift? I had to make sure the connections were clear and strong.

Just as in real life, some people have the fortitude to survive and move forward. Some do not. I remained true to this thought right to the conclusion of the story.

Some people will be saved. Some will not be spared.

But with tragedy comes the appreciation of what we have today — truly our greatest gift.

It’s up to each of us to unwrap it, absorb it, find gratitude in it, and share it with others.

I hope you enjoy this journey. It’s been a joy to share it with you. The support has been fulfilling.

Keep following the adventures of the Stewart family on Elizabeth’s blog. It’s located on this website. I’ll remind her to update it often 😉  Michael and his new wife are expecting.  I can only imagine what she’ll be telling you about the preparations…

7 thoughts on “Time Travel Journey Has Ended

  1. iamatwin77@aol.com'Linda

    I am looking forward to reading the 3rd book as well. Never realized until now that this trilogy started from a dream you actually had!!

  2. livelaughloveromance@gmail.com'Laurie Kozlowski

    Great post, Mike. I know I’ve said this before, but I am truly sorry for your loss. It seems to me, though writing this series, you’ve gained a perspective of healthy gratitude and spirituality. I think it’s great that you fed your soul through writing instead of feeding the fears and loss. Wonderful series. Thank you for sharing the premise, behind it. Lovely.

    ~ Laurie Kozlowski


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