• Getting Ready For The Baby

Hey, I’m back. That didn’t take long, did it? I wanted to chat one more time before my baby brother comes into the world and the Stewart home is turned upside down. Dad has organized and painted the new room in getting ready for the baby. There’s blue everywhere. The crib is adorable too. There’s a cute little pillow and blanket, one that Leah gave him before we left.

Yeah, I didn’t know that too until Dad showed me when we returned. Leah had stuffed it in his pocket before he got onto the boat. He was pretty emotional about it.

Mom can barely get around. She spends a lot of time upstairs, resting. But Dad has taken a break from his writing to focus on Mom’s needs.

I’m trying to do my best as well. But mid-terms are coming up. I’ve decided to commute to college from home this semester so I’m here to help Mom and Dad.

The local paper has finally left Dad alone. Since the reporter found that ancient writing device, the one Dad and I used to write on the tablet on the ship, it got a little frantic here. People from town would come by and stare at our house like we were some freaks.

Dad has never spoken in public about what happened to him. We’ve talked a few times. I usually deflect the conversation because he still worries about Leah.

I wonder how she’s doing now.

I wonder whether she had a boy or girl.

When I ask Dad these questions, I can tell it stresses him. He looks away and just shakes his head. Dad feels he should have at least have made sure she was safe. But Leah did marry again and has Aharon to protect her.

Maybe someday Dad will go back.

I’d go back with him too. I miss Leah. She was my first mother in this world. I wish we could have brought her back with us. But she had her life there and we have ours here.

Maybe I’ll put Dad’s mind at ease by traveling back to see how her life turned out. How cool would that be?

Nobody would believe me…unless  I took a selfie.  I bet it would totally go viral!

I’m sure he’d throw a fit. What do you think?

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