• Keep Kindness In Your Look

Keep Kindness in your Look


I was grateful to be part of a recent blog radio show hosted by Kyrian Lyndon focusing on the issues of homelessness. I thank her for allowing me to voice my thoughts.

I’ve lived an incredible life so far after those bleak days of riding the New York City subway trains at night.

I realize not everyone is as fortunate as I was in finding a wonderful support system. I get on my knees at night and pray for those who do not have a warm bed to sleep in or a decent meal to eat.

I pray for the children who didn’t ask for this plight and yet are undernourished or cold during a winter’s night.

I pray someday we can all help one another.


Recently, I participated in a blog talk radio show in which we shared our stories and some ideas on how to help those who are in need of shelter, clothing and food.

Here is the link to the blog radio show.

I also wrote an article a few years back about the plight of homelessness. I feel this sums up the emotional experience of having no shelter.

I hope you have loved ones around you, a warm bed and a hearty meal during these frigid winter evenings.

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