• Throw Like A Woman Is Inspiring And Unique


By Susan Petrone

I first got the idea for Throw Like a Woman during a bike ride. I love cycling, I love the feeling of autonomy and freedom you can only get on a bicycle. One weekend morning a few years back, I was out riding alongside the Chagrin River here in northeast Ohio. It’s gorgeous scenery and one of my all-time favorite places to ride. I was going along, happy as can be, when a car turned onto the road and cut me off. There wasn’t another car or bicycle for half a mile–it was uncalled for and, for me, kind of dangerous. I was suddenly filled with this wave of rage. I pedaled as fast as I could in a vain attempt to catch up with the driver of the car and give him a piece of my mind. Cars on that road routinely go 40 or 45 mph—needless to say, I didn’t catch up to it. However, I still had miles to go and plenty of time to start thinking and dreaming about anger.

I play baseball in a wood bat pick up league on Sunday nights. There’s a huge range of ages from high school to seventy-plus. About the only lack of diversity is in the number of X chromosomes on the field—I’m generally the only woman or one of two. So while my bicycle daydreaming started with “Wouldn’t it be if all that adrenaline could make me pedal as fast as a car,” it quickly shifted to “Wouldn’t it be cool if all that adrenaline could make me throw 90 miles an hour?” The idea just grew from there.

So this is a book about baseball. And about anger. I don’t think female anger is dealt with in a respectful manner in literature. It’s always this ridiculous “Oh-Mr.-Grant!” kind of ineffectual hissy fit or it’s wacko crazy, with very little middle ground. Part of the impetus to write this book the way I did was to try and explore that middle ground. Anger is real, and female anger is just as real and just as legitimate as male anger. At the same time, full of raging anger is no way to go through life.

Susan Petrone’s book is available at Amazon and all other major online stores. We will be posting a review next week.

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