• Winners In Book Giveaway

Winners In Book Giveaway

I want to thank the authors who have donated their wonderful works for this giveaway. I also want to express my gratitude to everyone who has participated.

The following have won:

Sherlock Book: Jenn Nixon


The Snowman Ate Our Picnic Lunch: Susan Horn


Murder In Wauwatosa: Bill King


Serendipity Summer: Mary Jo Montagna


A Dark Rose Blooms: Kimberly Hoffman


Tiva Boon: Michele


The Sugar Ticket: Mindy Voss


River Oaks Plantation: Barbara Mooney Wilson


Pippy’s Wish: ┬áMichael McCammon


Whoozit: B.J. Robinson


Necessary Heartbreak, Everybody’s Daughter, The Greatest Gift: Susan Sasso


The Greatest Gift: Laurel McDermott, Yolanda Richard


Everybody’s Daughter, The Greatest Gift: Sonia Riley


The SockKids Help Ben Franklin: Kristen LeBlanc


The SockKids Meet Lincoln: Harriet


Thanks again to everyone who has helped this wonderful giveaway in some way.






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